Advanced Classes

2hour sessions, Registration fee $50

Pre-Algebra Class:

Class is once a week for 1.5 hours. Students get a thorough introduction of and learn problem-solving strategies for the fundamentals of arithmetic, fractions, exponents, multiples, primes, prime factorizations, basic equations, inequalities, ratios, percentages, square roots, statistics, and word problems.


Class is once a week for 2 hours. Students cover more advanced aspects of the material in the prealgebra class and then proceed to explore functions, linear equations, quadratics, factoring of quadratics, completing the square, the quadratic formula, complex numbers, systems of equations, graphing, sequences and series, transformations, logarithms, and more.


Class is once a week for 2 hours. Students start with axioms and then build on the fundamentals of geometry by working with angles, triangles (similar and congruent), complicated length and area problems, quadrilaterals, polygons, basic trigonometry, geometric proofs, and much more. This class is challenging.

English Writing: (2nd – 11th Grades)

English class will improve students writing skills and reading comprehension

  • Introduce writing structure and skills
  • Grammar
  • Styles
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Essay Analysis/Essay styles
  • Short story plan
  • Sentence structures
  • Parallel structures