Outshine Education Center

Outshine Education Center is an independently-owned, small business founded in San Diego, CA. Outshine Education Center believes an educated, aware mind is critical for each individual. Before starting Outshine Education Center, the founder worked as a research scientist. The owners want to help each person develop their intellectual capabilities.

What We Strive For?

We strive to teach our customers to understand and to use the material for which they receive tutoring and instruction from Outshine Education Center.

Some students struggle too long before getting help. Students who don’t understand current material have a hard time keeping up with their peers and understanding their teacher. Outshine Education Center endeavors to rectify this while training students using their current homework (1) or material we make available.

We stand out at providing a different perspective from others in order to connect the learner with the topic. Outshine Education Center is devoted to helping each individual who comes here master concepts

Note (1) Outshine Education Center does not do student’s homework on their behalf, but we will help the student understand the material so they can accomplish the material.

What Makes Us Different?

We work hard to analyze the student’s capabilities in order to strengthen their comprehension. Our goal is for students to catch up to their class and then to go beyond where their dreams take them.

We are dedicated to supporting the educational goals parents have for their children.

We try to provide a comfortable environment for studying. Students generally have padded chairs to sit in during sessions.