Chemistry Services

Chemistry Services

Chemistry Classes

Content: Preparatory Chemistry Class
Prerequisites: None

A college chemistry and math instructor who also worked 15 years as an R&D scientist teaches chemistry at our facility to help prepare students for chemistry classes and chemistry content including the mathematics used in the hard sciences.

Outshine Education Center offers Chemistry Preparatory and Readiness classes for high school and college students from time to time. If you are interested in signing up for a class, call to discuss options.

Generally, all study materials are included in the class fee. Registration Fee: $0 (free). Students should bring a scientific or graphing calculator.

Chemistry Tutoring

A highly skilled chemical research scientist will help learners understand and use the materials being studied in their chemistry classes in high school or college.

1 or 2 hour sessions taken Monday to Friday 5 – 8 p.m.

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Outshine Education Center teaches and tutors chemistry to students in high school and college. Most tutoring/training companies don’t provide services in chemistry, but we not only offer it, we excel at it. A research scientist with multiple patents works with students to prepare them to excel in chemistry. We explain chemistry distinctly with a view to developing insight and awareness of the concepts being studied.

High school and college students who take chemistry for the first time often find the subject confusing and hard. Outshine Education Center staff explains chemistry at a level students can understand. Then, we teach those same students to master the subject. If you really want help with chemistry, Outshine Education Center has a chemist ready to assist you.

Outshine Education Center connects chemistry to mathematics.

AP Chemistry students are welcome at Outshine Education Center.

Outshine Education Center teaches and tutors chemistry to students in high school and college. We not only offer Chemistry tutoring and explanation, but we excel at it. Students will learn to appreciate the subtleties of chemistry so they can develop insight.

High school and college students who take chemistry for the first time often find the subject confusing and hard. Outshine Education Center explains chemistry at a level students can understand, and then we teach those same students to master the subject. If you need help with chemistry, Outshine Tutoring has chemists ready to assist you.

The Outshine Education Center Learning Center provides services for both Chemistry and Math. We can connect mathematics and chemistry.

If you are taking AP Chemistry, consider joining as a member at our Outshine Education Center.

Inquire today. Fill out the form below and click SEND, call us, or schedule an appointment.

Service Options

Outshine Education Center has several choices to serve you for your chemistry needs.

Individualized packages are designed for high school students. Test prep study groups are designed for high school and college students preparing for the standardized test in Chemistry. Arranged groups can also be assigned to allow students to choose the members of the session group at Outshine Education Center (there is a minimum of 4 students in this choice). Exclusive One-on-One tutoring is designed for anyone who wants exclusive and dedicated assistance on a personal basis in chemistry.

Outshine Education Center has several options to provide training for you in chemistry.

Chemistry Tutoring & Training


Outshine Education Center provides training in most aspects or categories of chemistry. Outshine Education Center was founded by a chemical research scientist. We aren’t limited to helping students excel only in mathematics, but provide explanation and tutoring in Chemistry as well. We inspire students to pursue the sciences. Outshine Education Center is one of the few training and tutoring companies where students can find help with their chemistry classes and understand their laboratory assignments. We haven’t forgotten about the math; we help students understand how to use it in the sciences. Outshine Education Center learning center explains both the concepts of chemistry and the function of mathematics used in this vital science. Students from any grade level can get the assistance they need here. We look forward to enhancing your knowledge of chemistry.

Outshine Education Center is pleased to offer you the opportunity to join us to receive training in chemistry using materials we provide or assistisg you in with material you bring from your chemistry classes. A few examples of the type of classes you can get assistance for are:

  • High School Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry
  • Chemistry for Life Sciences
  • Chemistry for Scientists & Engineers
  • General Chemistry
  • Introductory Chemistry
  • Laboratory Homework & Worksheets
  • …and several others

Whether you need assistance learning the material for one of your classes, or you simply want training in chemistry, you are welcome here.

Topics – Details

Outshine Education Center can teach those struggling in chemistry and the mathematics of chemsitry or we can offer classes to those who want to excel in chemistry. For those who are interested in seeing some of the details of various topics in chemistry, look at the list below. Outshine Education Center Learning Center can help you with your needs in these and many other aspects of chemistry. We build confidence in chemistry for high school student, college student, and adults.

Below is a partial list of topics in chemistry. If you need direction with any of these or others, please call to discuss how we help you with your needs.

  • Scientific method
  • Classification of matter
    • states of matter
    • pure versus mixed substances
    • elements versus compounds
  • Atoms
    • structure (protons, etc.)
    • atomic weight
    • atomic number
    • mass number
    • isotopes
  • Molecules
    • chemical formula
    • molecular and empirical formula
    • organic & inorganic
  • Ions
    • salts
    • electrolytes
    • solutions
    • precipitations
  • Stoichiometry
  • Chemical equations
    • balanced
    • states indicated
  • Reactions
    • combinations
    • decompositions
    • combustion
  • Formula weights
    • formula weight to percent composition
  • Mole
    • Avogadro’s number
    • count of molecules
  • Molar mass
  • Count to mass conversion (moles to mass)
  • Empirical formula
    • empirical formula to molecular formula
    • combustion analysis
  • Reactants
    • limiting reactant
    • theoretical yield
    • excess reagent
    • exchange reactions (metathesis)
  • Aqueous solutions
    • precipitation
    • solubility
    • concentration
    • ionic equations
    • spectator ions
    • net ionic equation
  • Acid/base reactions
    • strong & weak electrolytes
    • neutralization and salts
    • acid/base reactions with gas generation
  • Oxidation/reduction
    • oxidation
    • reduction
    • oxidation number
    • oxidation of metals
    • activity series
  • Solutions
    • concentration
      • molarity (mole solute/L solution)
      • molality (mole solute/kg solvent)
      • mole fraction (mole of component/total moles)
    • calculate moles, volume using molarity
    • dilution
    • ppt, ppm, ppb, mass percent
  • Energy
    • general
    • of light
    • electronic energy levels
    • ionization energy
  • Thermodynamics
  • Enthalpy
    • of reaction
    • of formation
  • Calories
  • Hess’s law
  • Electronic structure of atom
    • waves
    • quantized energy levels
    • atomic orbitals (such as)
      • s
      • p
      • d
    • Hund’s rule
    • electron configurations
    • order of periodic table
    • Nuclear charge
  • Periodic table
    • order
    • orbital groups
  • Size of atoms
  • Electron affinities
  • Metals, nonmetals, metalloids
  • Noble gases
  • Gas law
    • pressure
    • ideal gas law (PV=nRT)
    • Boyle’s law (Pressure-volume relationship
    • Charles’s law (Temperature-volume relationship)
    • Avogadro’s law (equal volumes at same T,P contain same count)
    • gas density
    • molar Mass
    • partial pressure
    • mole fractions
    • kinetic/molecular theory
    • Van der Waals Equation
  • Chemical bonding
    • overlap of orbitals
    • ionic
  • Lewis dot model
  • Octet rule
  • Polarity and electronegativity
  • Dipoles
  • Resonance structures
  • Molecular geometry
    • VSEPR
    • molecular shape
  • Molecular orbitals
  • Multiple bonds
    • double bonds
    • triple bonds
    • pi bonds
  • Hybrid orbitals
  • Forces between molecules
    • ion-dipole
    • dipole-dipole
    • London dispersion
    • hydrogen bonding
  • Phase changes
    • energy of phase change
    • critical temperature and pressure
    • vapor pressure
    • boiling point
    • freezing point
    • phase diagrams
  • Chemical kinetics
  • Chemical equilibrium
    • equilibrium constant
    • Le Chatelier’s principle
    • pH scale
    • Ka

These and many other aspects of Chemistry are pursued at Outshine Education Center. We can help you learn better.

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