Which Door

Can you solve this puzzle? Suppose you are in a room with no windows, 2 doors, and 2 computers. One door leads to heaven and the other one leads to a very unpleasant place. You are to choose the door that leads to heaven. Now one computer always tells a lie and the other always tells the truth. The rules of this game: you can ask one and only one question to one of the computers. You don’t know which computer tells.

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Prime Numbers – multiplication vs. addition

This post is meant to discuss why multiplication is used to define prime numbers and composites instead of addition. Let us say we want to compose the number 6 by multiplication of other positive whole numbers. There are 2 ways to do this.  6×1=6  2×3=6 In terms of 6 there are smaller whole numbers that can be multiplied to compose or produce the number 6. Since multiplication obeys both the associative and commutative property, we won’t concern ourselves with the alternative order.

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